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Behavioral therapy constitutes a wide array of therapeutic interventions designed to tackle mental health issues. It is grounded in the belief that behaviors are learned and changeable.
This form of therapy assists children in reducing impulsivity and defiance, decreasing the occurrence of tantrums, and attaining better regulation over self-destructive thoughts.
Additionally, it empowers them to develop improved self-control, a more positive self-concept, and enhanced abilities in problem-solving and coping.

Our services in more details

At the Sunshine Learning Center, a variety of behavioral therapies are offered, including ABA, CBT, Teach Method, Token Economy, DDT, and Picture Exchange Communication (PECS).
In addition, we implement various teaching methodologies that are individualized based on the unique capabilities and requirements of each child. Through meticulous evaluation, we determine appropriate methods and approaches, using behavioral therapy to control and diminish undesirable behaviors in children.
We emphasize social inclusiveness and acceptance of this type of differently able babies and modify their behavioral issues by using a versatile set of behavioral therapy technics.

our Special Behavioral Therapist

Sabrina Mustary

Head of education and behaviour therapy

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