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Educational Therapy serves as a specialized form of intervention tailored for individuals grappling with learning differences, disabilities, and a range of challenges.

This therapeutic approach encompasses a diverse array of intensive interventions, meticulously designed to address and resolve learners’ specific learning difficulties. Unlike a standard academic tutor who primarily focuses on scholastic aspects, an educational therapist employs a broader methodology that encompasses neurodiverse children with learning obstacles and unique cognitive patterns.

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In essence, the role of an educational therapist extends beyond that of a conventional tutor, encompassing the teaching of skills and strategies that extend beyond the typical tutoring framework.
In Sun Shine Learning Center our educators work one-on-one with child, typically outside of school. They can teach differently abled child skills and strategies to help them manage their learning or thinking differences and improve schoolwork.

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Certain behaviors such as avoidance, acting out, and tantrums, could have been misconstrued by parents and teachers as signs of defiance or impulsiveness.But by using multi-sensory approach, our educational therapists emphasize these gaps and try to fill up and replacing one or either.

We focus on individual child’s:

In our center, we care every child and prepare individual education plan (IEP) for them.


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