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Speech & Language Therapy (SLT) is a specialized and autonomous profession within the field of health science. Recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), it holds a global stature as a crucial healthcare and rehabilitation discipline.
This therapy focuses on the assessment and treatment of a range of issues, including speech, language, communication, social skills, and swallowing difficulties. Employing evidence-based practices, Speech & Language Therapists employ research-backed methods to diagnose and address individual challenges to provide treatment.

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SLT services are considered essential and beneficial for the management of various conditions such as illnesses, injuries, diseases, disabilities, and developmental disorders. The role of Speech & Language Therapy extends to promoting overall holistic health and aiding in the process of reintegration.

Potential etiologies contributing to communication and swallowing disorders encompass diverse factors:

SLT Related Medical Conditions:

The following list of disorders or diseases and medical conditions that affect speech-language, swallowing, and hearing, including but not limited to –

In 2004, Bangladesh introduced a Bachelor of Science in Speech & Language Therapy program, consisting of a five-year duration, including a one-year internship. This course is offered through the Bangladesh Health Professions Institute (BHPI), which operates under the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Dhaka. BHPI is the academic institution of Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP).

Under the provisions of the “Bangladesh Rehabilitation Council Act - 2018”, individuals who have successfully completed a five-year duration Bachelor of Science in Speech & Language Therapy course are exclusively authorized to practice as Speech & Language Therapists. They are also permitted to utilize the restricted title of " Speech & Language Therapist/ Speech Therapist."

In summary, Speech & Language Therapy stands as a distinct and crucial discipline in the realm of medical science. Its practitioners utilize research-backed techniques to evaluate, diagnose, and provide treatment for an array of speech, language, communication, and swallowing disorders. The therapy's significance is acknowledged globally, contributing significantly to holistic health and the process of reintegrating individuals into their daily lives.


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